I do good design


  • Home improvement retailer customers include: Lowes, Home Depot, and Floor & Decor.
  • Provided art direction, illustrations, print design, and store display/merchandising for National home improvement and flooring retailers.
  • Production designer responsible for creating and managing graphic assets.
  • Managed content and assets in the proprietary content management systems unique to each client.
  • Created and maintained web presence and Youtube video content library.
  • Contract graphic designer hired to support a flooring manufacturing company in Orange, VA.
  • Responsible for creating product images, uploading to proprietary Content Management Systems used by their various flooring contracts.
  • Assisted the marketing and sales team in creating sales sheets, product guides, 3d displays, presentations, and web content.
  • Small business owner of a plant-based cafe on campus at the University of Mary Washington and in downtown Fredericksburg.
  • Responsible for hiring, training, inventory, accounting and HR.
  • In-house designer and social media expert creating content and event promotions.
  • In-house web developer creating and maintaining a WordPress-managed web presence.
  • Senior Associate for Card Tech
  • Developed apps in HTML/CSS/Javascript utilizing design prototypes.
  • Implemented responsive web design practices and frameworks.
  • Accounted for accessibility requirements.
  • Participated in agile ceremonies.
  • Interfaced with product owners.
  • Responsible for the development of InfoComm’s association and show websites within the OpenText (previously RedDot) content management system and LiveServer, OpenText’s delivery server.
  • Utilized various web technologies and scripting libraries, including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.
  • Streamlined content entry by ensuring ease-of-use for content authors and editors, and provided on-going documentation and training.
  • Aided in the project management of development deliverables for major association site redesign, working closely with vendors.
  • Implemented and supported social media marketing and site analytics, serving as the go-to for Google Analytics reporting.
  • Assisted in the troubleshooting of site publishing issues.
  • Provided support on the association’s WordPress show blogs.
  • Offered research and recommendations for design and technical challenges.
  • Worked with the Marketing Services Department on a day-to-day basis, as well as supported expositions, education, certification and membership departments, as needed.
  • stem creative is a graphic and web design firm serving the needs of associations, non-profit organizations, and small business.
  • stem also serves consumers with all their party stationery needs - from weddings to graduations, and birthdays to birth announcements.
  • Worked on assigned desktop publishing and illustration projects for various local clients.
  • Tagged various PDF documents for XML and accessibility.
  • Converted older illustrations from scanned documents into vector art for newly updated documents and training manuals.
  • Imported Word and text documents into new page layouts in support of 100+ page training manuals.
  • Exported artwork and print-ready files for printing.
  • Design, development and maintenance of a number of websites for a real estate developer and their partner companies in the builder and mortgage industry.
  • Provided design services including graphic and web design, corporate identity, e-mail marketing, marketing collateral and county presentation materials.
  • Attended planning sessions with the city and developer, as needed.
  • Design, development and maintenance of a number of websites for an association management firm that supported education, government, and medical industries.
  • Provided design services including graphic and web design, corporate identity, e-mail marketing, marketing collateral and meeting materials.
  • Project management.
  • Customer service and backup sales.
  • Graphic design, newsletters, conference brochures, and corporate identity including logo design, stationery and business cards.
  • Pre-press and production.
  • Sales and customer service at Apple Computer’s flagship retail location in Tysons Corner, VA.
  • Later transferred to assist in the opening of their third store in Arlington, VA. Finishing my tenure with the Tysons store.
  • Provided knowledge and recommendations in the area of design, as well basic use of their pro desktop and portables line.
  • Excelled in “converting” PC users by demonstrating the system’s ease-of-use.



  • SOFTWARE: PC + Mac-based systems, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Acrobat Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, Premiere Pro), Quark, and Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Teams, Words)
  • LANGUAGES USED: CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, MySQL, php, xHTML, XML
  • TOOLS USED: AddThis, Canva, Google Analytics, gitHub, Google Workspace (Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides), InVision, Meta Business Suite, Sketch, social APIs, WordPress
I currently reside in Fredericksburg, Virginia – one hour from Washington, DC and Richmond, our state capitol. Being centrally nestled in our state has proven convenient and cozy. There's always a lot to do and see. I've always been a designer; as far back as I can remember. As a child, I was an artist – paints and crayons were my medium. As a teen, I was a fashion designer - fascinated with couture and urban styles. As an adult – technology became my muse. With a mac in hand and Adobe apps in pocket, I went on to tackle the world of design.
At first it was a hobby – something I picked up and taught myself along the way. Eventually I got the nerve to look for work. I started out in the print industry – running copiers, helping in bindery, and quickly moved up to desktop and prepress. I was desperate to learn more, so I enrolled in art school. Art school was the motivation I needed. I came equipped with on-the-job experience, so I was a few steps ahead of the crowd. After graduating with honors, I took my Associates of Arts degree in Multimedia and Web Design, and entered the workforce.
After art school, my early experience was in Associations aiding membership, publications, and events. The biggest jump I've taken was leaving the familiar world of Associations and Northern Virginia traffic for a reverse commute to the Richmond area landing in finance. Almost 4 years were dedicated to my new role of Software Engineer. Shortly before covid, my new employer laid off a good amount of engineers. I fell on some hardship with my health and after I healed, I decided to dedicate time and energy to my latest endeavor - business ownership!
If I would have known that a few years in our businesses and community would be ravaged by the pandemic, I definitely would not have gone into restaurants. I worked our business full-time until the need for better health care arose and sadly in the US - your family's health is tied to your job. My next employment foray was in Manufacturing. I really found a place for myself with this employer and grew with them over another many years. Sadly the pandemic hit them hard and some key players - myself included - got the cut. I've been supporting our now two business and 30+ employees ever since. Our shops and employees are thriving. We have amazing management in place and it's now my time to move on again. I am super excited to support another startup or small business with their marketing and design needs. My combination of graphic design and development experience is unique and I'm ready to help you!